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Please note that IM-Filter is no longer developed.
So, the current version of the ICQ protocol might no longer work with IM-Filter.

What is IM-Filter?

IM-Filter is a networking daemon for GNU/Linux machines. It is written in C and it is able to analyze and filter the ICQ network protocol. The daemon runs in userspace and fetches ICQ network packets by using the libnetfilter_queue mechanism.

The main use case of IM-Filter is to run at a network gateway, so all ICQ-related traffic runs over IM-Filter. Nevertheless, the daemon could also be used directly on end users computers. This will not result in a comprehensive view over network-wide ICQ-usage, though. The following diagram shows how the daemon is integrated in a GNU/Linux system.


One of the design goals of IM-Filter was modularity. So plugins for other protocols like MSN or IRC could be written easily. The source code already contains skeleton code for an IRC module.

Together with the source code, adequate iptables scripts are provided. These are necessary in order to forward ICQ traffic to IM-Filter.



The latest release is version 0.9 which has been released on September 7th, 2007. Please download it from Sourceforge.

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IM-Filter is released under the GNU General Public License v2.
Last update: September 3th, 2011